Sunday, February 21, 2010

My short Latina legs

I have always thought that I had really short legs, and up until yesterday I hated them! Friday Feb. 26 2010 I came to a conclusion. I love my legs! On Friday I had about three hours where I didn’t have anything to do, yet had no transportation to get anywhere. Some people wouldn’t mind hanging out at home and relaxing. I’m not that type of person! I would have gone crazy if I had to stick around the house alone for three hours! Then… It dawned on me! I have LEGS! At first I decided that I would walk to the Provo mall, or I would go to that nice boutique down the street. As I was walking out of my apartment and on my adventure I stopped and noticed my bike! I took my bike instead. I had the nicest little bike ride, I went to the Provo mall, the quilted bear, Deseret book, and a nice boutique. I took a two hour bike ride around Provo and thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather was great, such a nice day. While on my bike ride I realized that I didn’t hate my legs I LOVED them! They take me wherever I want to go, when I want to go. I have never minded taking long walks; I have walked home from school plenty of times and loved it. I am so GREATFUL for my legs, they are amazing! I am SO lucky to have perfect working legs. (even if they are short) I love my legs!

In my Finance class, my professor [Dr. Israelson] shared a story about a man who dragged himself 17 kilometers for the opportunity to try out a wheelchair. When the man got to where they were handing out the wheelchairs, he pulled himself into one. Rode it around for a bit, then got off and started dragging himself back home. Puzzled the organization asked him why he wasn’t taking the wheelchair, he simply replied “It’s someone else’s turn to experience freedom”. He wasn’t aware he got to keep the wheelchair. This story broke my heart, here my entire life I have looked at my legs and hated them because their too short, fat, dark or whatever else I can find wrong with them. When, a man dragged himself to be able to experience something like what I have. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father to have a working body, it is truly an amazing, priceless gift. I am so grateful for my short Latina legs.