Saturday, January 23, 2010

The revolving door that is Pediatrics

I had always thought that my last couple of shifts on Pediatrics would be super SPECIAL, like something out of Grays Anatomy, or house. I pictured my last day being perfect, filled with emotional moments and a good background song as I walked away from my first job ever! I don't know why I thought it would be like that, i think I watch WAY to much television. Or I even expected things to be like the office, you know, everyone takes a moment to say bye to me, there's a little party, and lots of food.
Well... That's not how it played out at ALL! My last shift on Peds, was probably one of the more busy ones. Not to mention I was running low on sleep! ( 3 hours!). I didn't look beautiful and gorgeous like I was planning to. I didn't have a day filled with touching experiences, like "House". The day was definitely emotional, STRESS! When noon hit, we got slammed! I mean the day wasn't SUPER busy, but it sure seemed like it. I was tired and extremely busy! when it got time for me to walk away from my first job EVER! Everyone was busy with patients, or giving/getting report. I mean I have to admit I was slightly disappointed.
One thing that did come true, was TONS of food. Tons of it! we had Carmel popcorn, caramel candy, a huge box of chocolates, a drawer full of candy, and a chocolate cake. Yay, tons of food, that later gave me a BIG stomach ache!
But after looking back on my last day there, it was special,I learned a valuable lesson. Life is like a runaway train, you really can't stop for anything. You've got to enjoy what you have as it whizzes by!The people I worked with touched my lives in so many ways, they have been excellent examples to me and I am so grateful for them. The experiences i have on pediatrics can never be relived. I'm actually really sad I didn't keep a journal, while working there. I'm going to miss it SO much. Already i can hear the fading of the "call light" in my mind. Whenever I drive past the hospital i don't think to myself "Phew! I'm not working today :)". I don't keep track of my phone, waiting to see if I get called in, when I'm on call. Everything is so different, I can't believe that chapter of my life is done. I feel like it just started. I am going the miss Pediatrics and everything it gave me.
The hospital, and all it's staff will continue whizing by as they do their job. I realize now it was silly of me to think that the hospital would slow down so I could have my "ideal perfect day". Pediatrics will always be on the move with something, open 24/7 and 356 days a year. It almost seems like a revolving door, people coming and people going, I was just lucky enough to go through it.

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