Friday, December 18, 2009

UVRMC Pediatrics

I realized today while I was playing around with my blog, that I hadn't even mentioned my job. In case you didn't know I work at the Provo hospital (aka. Utah Valley Regional Medical Center ) I am a nurse assistant in the Pediatric Unit. I have worked there for a year and a half now, and wow has been an experience! I have ran around loopy with the other night staff at 3 am. I've colored on the windows of room, played hopscotch, blown bubbles, and wiped many tears and boogers. So many little people have touched my life, I never knew how much I LOVED kids! (don't get any ideas I'm not pregnant, nor am I working on it) I have had the opportunity to be asked out on my dates from little boys ranging from the ages of three to six. Had my hair braided by cute little girls. (did some hair braiding myself) I have even been called "Mommy" on two or three occasions :) I love the people I work with, they are all great! I love the patients, they're cute! I'm so happy that the Lord has given me the opportunity to work in Pediatrics, because it ROCKS!
Below are some pictures, actually lots. Enjoy?

Here is our Playroom, I've spent LOTS of time in here :)

These dogs are "therapeutic" the kids love them, and as you can see, so do I

Dennis, now Dennis is one of my favorite parts of my job! He's the only male nurse I've worked with, and he is a HOOT! He always has something funny to say, always complaining about being the only male staff member in Pediatrics. Funny thing is that kids LOVE him! I mean he gets Christmas cards and presents from patients that left years ago. Anyways, there's something special about Dennis, we all love having him around. He's great. (this is him drawing on the windows of patient rooms, he often times draws really weird things... his latest weird drawing was a pumpkin pooping out pumpkin pie, gross huh?) (The window crayons were a gift from one of our patients, they wanted Dennis to be do something with his time or something :)

...and this is me drawing on the windows too. :)

This is Anne, I work with her probably more than I work with anyone else. She's normally the Charge Nurse. She always knows how to keep her cool in crazy situations. (which happen A LOT) I'm always happy to see her name on the board, I enjoy working with her and love her to pieces! By the way, I did that to her hand!

That was posted in the employee bathroom :)

I found this picture online when I did a a search on google for the provo hospital. The picture came attached to an article written about Child life specialists. I work with three of these, one that I actually met just today. They are part of the staff that makes Peds SO much fun!

The hospital

I LOVE my job! So lucky to have it!

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