Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The time I was engaged

So Wydo and I are actually super close to getting married! closer than we have ever been!! I'm so excited and at the same time I'm a little sad, never again will I be engaged. It's a once in a lifetime (hopefully) chance! I can't believe were engaged, it's crazy I can't even remember when we decided to get married. I can't remember anything!!! Ah!  But there is 10 days away before we get married. Whoa... so many things to do before then! (luckily we already got registering out of the way. Although I can't help but think that that part was so much fun!)  and Yet I wish it was today!! I wish it was already here. I wonder how my life is going to change afterwards. I have to say I am way WAY excited. We got this cute little apartment in provo, close to BYU. (which is nice)  and I'm excited to decorate it.
Anyways, Yesterday was my Bridal shower that  Wyatt's mom, Linda, threw for me (thank you!) it was so much fun. It was exciting to see all the people from my old ward and to meet new people as well. I got so many presents and they were all good presents. (Wyatt's personal favorite was a toaster we got that had 4 slots in it, for more efficient toast-making) Wyatt's mom made us the pretties quilt and she gave us a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, framed, (those were my favorite gifts) My mom, Yolanda, also came and it was fun to talk to her and realize that i was at my Bridal shower!!  I had to take a second to let it all sink in and enjoy the moment, It was so much fun. 
I am so ready to be married! I am ready to stop saying goodbye at night!! I'm ready to get started with rest of eternity! But I'll always remember the time I was engaged.

(ps. 10 days away!)